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Change Talk: Childhood Obesity| American Academy of Pediatrics, Kognito

An interactive role-play simulation for health professionals that builds their motivational interviewing skills to lead real-life conversations with parents and their children about healthy weight and childhood…

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Obesity Image Banks| Obesity Action Coalition, Rudd Center, World Obesity, Obesity Canada

A collection of free image banks containing respectful images of individuals with obesity for use in educational materials and related publications. These galleries can help…

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Talking with Patients about Weight Management| Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

A podcast of simulated clinic encounters dealing with motivational interviewing and weight management in different social contexts.  Topics covered include: … how to ask about a patient’s…

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Insights into the Patient Population with Obesity: Assessment and Treatment| Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)

The Obesity Algorithm® is an educational tool to help health care providers both understand the complexity of the disease of obesity and implement effective, evidence-based obesity…

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Rethink Obesity: Resources for Healthcare Professionals| Novo Nordisk

The aim of this resource is to present a foundation for these techniques that will enable providers to have an effective consultation around weight loss…

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KNIGHTS Student-Run Free Clinic| University of Central Florida

This student-run free clinic is an extracurricular program designed to help medical students learn to assess, treat and counsel on lifestyle changes for patients with…

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