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  • Disparate burden of obesity
  • Integration of obesity care
  • Obesity as a disease
  • Weight bias / stigma


  • Health Professionals
  • Policy / Government

Learner Level

  • Educator

Instructional Methods

  • Video

The Weight of the Nation

| 4 HRS Explaining The hours

HBO shines a bright light on America’s obesity epidemic in this multi-part, multi-platform project that looks at causes, symptoms and treatments for the problem and offers some possible solutions to restore our individual and collective health. 


An Emmy-nominated HBO Documentary Films series on obesity, The Weight of the Nation, premiered in May 2012. The four-part series — “Consequences”, “Choices”, “Children in Crisis”, and “Challenges” — highlights several NIH research advances and addresses many of the factors contributing to the country’s obesity problem. Together, the films were the centerpiece to a public awareness campaign, which also included 12 bonus film shorts, a website and social media, and a nationwide community-based outreach effort using free film discussion guides and other tools.

Supplemental Resources:

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Community Action Guide – Employers
Impact Evaluation of Community Screenings on Obesity Beliefs (2017)

In April 2013, “The Weight of the Nation” collaboration received the HHSinnovates award from U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. For more about HHSinnovates: www.hhs.gov/idealab/what-we-do/hhs-innovates