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None of our currently available resources fit your search criteria, but more are coming soon!

In the meantime, you may be interested in these resources...

Obesity Research Short Courses| Indiana University-Bloomington, University of Alabama at Birmingham

OSCE for Assessing Resident Competency in Weight Loss Counseling| Jackson Herzog, Kenzie Cameron, Maria Badaracco, Robert Kushner

Obesity OSCE Examiner Checklist| Dr. Zelaikha Al-Wahedi

Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) Obesity Competencies| Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC)

Flipchart Engagement Tool for Patients with Obesity| American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

Medical Training to Achieve Competency in Lifestyle Counseling| Marie-France Hivert, Ross Arena, et al.

How to Incorporate Bariatric Training Into Fellowship Programs| Pichamol Jirapinyo, Christopher Thompson

Obesity Summit for Medical Trainees| Amanda Velazquez, Katie Robinson, Jennifer Frederick, Robert Kushner

Discussion Board Assignment: Obesity Prevention and Treatment| Dr. Kelliann Davis, University of Pittsburgh

Clinical Advances in Treating Obesity as a Chronic Disease: Novel Insights and Strategies| Medscape Education, World Obesity Federation, World Organization of Family Doctors

Health Professionals Obesity Prevention Education (HOPE) Curriculum| Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH; Laura Terrones, MPH

Obesity Learning Center| Haymarket Medical Education

Obesity Intervention for Front-line Healthcare Providers| University of Manitoba | Diana Sanchez-Ramirez, Heather Long, Stephanie Mowat, Casey Hein

WHO Growth Chart Training| Dietitians of Canada

BalancedView: Addressing Weight Bias & Stigma in Health Care| British Columbia Mental Health & Substance Use Services

Implicit Associations Test: Weight Bias| Project Implicit (Harvard University)

Change Talk: Childhood Obesity| American Academy of Pediatrics, Kognito

Obesity Image Banks| Obesity Action Coalition, Rudd Center, World Obesity, Obesity Canada

Talking with Patients about Weight Management| Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

Physical Activity and Obesity: How to Get Your Patient Moving| Deborah Bade Horn, DO, MPH | Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

Treatment of Pediatric and Adolescent Obesity| Wendy Scinta, MD | Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

Childhood Obesity Programs: Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions| Brian Magnum, MD, PhD | Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

Adult Obesity: Diagnostic and Treatment Approaches| Myra Muramoto, MD, MPH | Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

KNIGHTS Student-Run Free Clinic| University of Central Florida